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This centralizes the productivity hub for your business which helps you build high-performing teams by enabling more transparency, detailed overview, & real-time analytics– all in one place.

Features you get with this Tool

It's bigger than you think and goes beyond employee tracking. 

Employee Monitoring Software

Improving team performance through increased team productivity is a key factor for high-performing teams. Track your distributed workforce with employee monitoring software and pave the way for more success for your team. 

Track Time​

Gain detailed insight into how your employees work during their assigned shifts. Easily identify time patterns and track peak performance with automated reports. Access time-tracking software and increase employee productivity with intuitive real-time timesheets. 

Monitor Activity Of User​

Maintaining a productive team can be a lot of work, as there are many details to consider. Empmonitor user activity monitoring software and context-rich reports provide detailed analysis of team activity on a daily or hourly basis.  

Project & Task Management

Find a comprehensive set of tools that give your employees 360-degree support for all the tasks they need to function. Equip your workforce with next-generation enterprise intelligence for HR operations, project management, and timesheet reporting to improve productivity and leverage administrative convenience to maximize employee engagement. 

attendance monitoring 

Get started with employee-friendly time and attendance software for manual attendance and absence recording. In addition, the standard operational time and leave management behind the dashboard increases team efficiency. In addition, we manage the HR system for distributing online payslips based on attendance records. 

Prevention Of Insider Threats ​

Track employee usage of company resources, including activity attempts on compromised or restricted platforms. Identify negligent or malicious and threatening activity by employees that may have evaded KYE procedures. 


See how this tool can help you solve your business challenges

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Employee result-oriented commitment 

It helps employees reach their true potential. It helps companies create the perfect HR strategy and achieve maximum results. 



Reliable hybrid framework 

Get a clear view of your team’s performance and day-to-day activities. Integrating these capabilities will quickly set your hybrid team up for success. 



Analyzing employee performance 

It provides employees with timesheet automation capabilities and simplifies how timesheets are processed throughout management. 



Benefits of data directories 

Take full control of your employees. This can maximize productivity and double the number of top performers in a team. 


Sensitive to dealing with subordinates 

It uses strong encryption to protect all customer information, account information, system logs, backups, and archives to ensure your privacy.